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We are passionate about bringing people closer,
Let’s celebrate together

Slide About Us We are a supper club in the excentric city of Berlin since 2018. Our speciality is to plan, organise and execute exclusive food events in our venue for up to 12 people. And up to 40 guests at a venue of your choice.

Our passion is to make your client’s dream events come true. To ensure that, we go into every creative detail and create tailor made solutions that are specific to your needs and goals. Relax and enjoy. We advise you and manage all the operations to make your private celebration or business event a truly first-class experience.

We believe amazing food is the way in which we can bring people closer together. Connect, have fun, and enjoy an unforgetful experience that enriches your life.
Slide The head behind Growing up in a small town in southeast Brazil and influenced by his mother’s traditional cuisine, Luiz grew up to be a self taught Head Chef with an exquisite palate for good food. “I love cooking and meeting new people.
My passion is to merge different cultures through creative and delicious food. I can say I am an International Ambassador of flavours.”

Catreing & Chef to go

An informal event, with delicious finger food where people can connect with each other freely or an exquisit dinner to be enjoyed privately. We bring the celebration to you, and take care of every detail.

Super club

Enjoy a fine dinning experience at Gaiety’s house, in berlin, Schöneberg. The menus, created and signed by our crew of creative Chefs change weekly to highlight the theme of evening, the flavours of the season, or the unique style of the chef.

Cooking class

Enjoy a cooking class will take place in a local home kitchen where we will guide you trough 2-3 secret recipes of our creative and seasonal fusion Menü. After the work is Done, It’s time to celebrate, taste and socialise in a festive atmosphere.

Your celebration,
Your wish
Our mission.

Imagine your team event, as a picnic.
Think of your Christmas party with a drag queen’s performance.
What about learning about mixology with an expert?

Whatever your wish may be,
we create a costumazible event that suits your goals.

Sneak Peak from our events


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